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An unbelievable 73% of the buyers you drive to use will take an upsell - so you are almost always gonna get higher commissions

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Our AOV - Average Order Value - is over $87 right now, which means you're getting way more per sale than most CB offers

Your Own Quiz Page

You can download our quiz page and install it on your server, building up YOUR pixel!

Great for 35+ women

Rewind Your Romance is perfect for women 25-64, with the sweet spot at 35-54, in the US, Canada, Europe/UK and Australia/NZ

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Most offers force you to drive traffic to their page, building up their pixel, but with Rewind You Romance you can upload our engaging quiz page to your server - with your pixels!

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Terms & Conditions

Please do not link directly to our checkout, or the discounted offer or checkout. You may not advertise your own additional bonuses as an incentive to buy through your link. Do not claim to represent Rewind Your Romance or True Health Digest. You may not advertise incorrect or discounted pricing. Any affiliates found in breach of these conditions will be blacklisted immediately.

Having said that - we are 100% behind you. We only succeed when you succeed - so we are able to offer any assistance you require through our support portal.