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A short, high converting emotional email

Shocking trick guarantees he’ll never pull away again


We’ve all been there… one day the texts are flying back & forth…

...the next you’re constantly checking for a text that never seems to arrive.

Regular lunch dates become ‘now-and-then’... and soon disappear altogether, along with your once-red-hot relationship.

Here's the solution >>

This simple story has the solution you need to reignite that passion.

To rekindle the red hot flames you’ve missed so badly.

Even restart that romance you thought was gone.

The 'romance respark' you’ve been looking for is here:




Another shorter email, gets VERY strong click-throughs

How to respark ANY romance


Hey there,

Just finished watching this powerful story and wanted to share with you NOW.

Because what this woman went through, and the amazing trick she used to respark her romance (at a stage when most people - including me - probably would have given up the ghost already) well, it just… WOWED me.

It’s deep, watch here >>

Trouble is, they’re saying the video might come down soon - and for what it’s worth, I believe them.

Because I imagine they don’t want this stuff becoming too well known after their marketing test.

That would ruin it for the people who already got in early.

Make sure you take a few mins to check it out, you’ll be glad you did.




A longer email that plays heavily on scarcity of the VSL


How to make him BEG to come back [Time sensitive info]


It's me again,

You know, in 86% of relationship breakups, he isn't gonna tell you the REAL reason why.

So you’re left guessing at what actually happened… and what might have been.

When you’re ready for the truth - click here >>

Because he’s NOT being honest with you about why he left.

Men almost never are, but if you thought it was all over, I wanted to let you know there IS hope.

A way to make him want to hold you in his arms again, and tell you honestly that this time, he's not going to leave...

To make him FORGET about dating other women...

And to forgive you for all the things you THINK you've done wrong.

Regardless of what he told you during the breakup…

Regardless of how hopeless the situation seems right now…

Regardless of how "ugly" the breakup was, the hurtful things that were said...

There is a way to set things right - and it’s easier than you think.

I want you to watch this powerful story of one woman’s path back to a wonderful, honest, passionate relationship even after it seemed like everything had gone to hell.

In fact it’s so emotional, we’re afraid it might not be online much longer.

>> So go watch it now <<


P.S. Do NOT wait until it's too late. I don't want to see you lose your man to another woman...

Or even worse, lose your confidence with men...

So go here now and discover the powerful secret of a desperate woman who got her man back:



This swipe plays up the scarcity and curiosity. Highly effective.

Flip the script - how to make him chase YOU


Hi there,

It’s tough, trying to work through rough times with your ex… especially if you find yourself chasing after him, knowing it SHOULD be the other way round…

But here’s the thing: There’s good news and bad news.

>> Short-cut to the good news here

The “bad news” is that your old relationship with him is dead…

But good news is: you don't actually WANT that "old" relationship back, with all of the hurt feelings, and arguments, and built-up resentments...

What you want is to start FRESH with him...

To "turn back the clock" to when you first met...

To erase all of the arguments and drama, and have him LOVE you and HOLD you the way he used to... before all of the problems started creeping in...

And I want you to know, there's an easy method you can follow to "re-attract" him...make him come back to you...and want to give the relationship another try (and he's going to think getting back together is 100% his idea)...

>> Watch this quick presentation <<

Thankfully, I had a friend at the time who showed me this simple system that allows you to magnetically re-attract your ex, without you having to beg or plead with him...

Without you having to "change" yourself to make him want you...

Without you having to do anything silly or embarrassing...

And without you having to suffer and obsess about him for ANY LONGER.

Watch this right now...

Because now it's my turn to help YOU...and I have a feeling you're going to thank me later 🙂




A news-based email that sucks the reader in, and makes them click.

Why men lie during breakups… and how to get the TRUTH



Have you ever wondered why men are NEVER honest during a breakup?

Even if you can prise free some small nugget of truth, you never EVER get the full story.

Why is it so?

Do you really want to know what the truth is?

The truth is here >>

Well, the good news is, he’s trying to spare your feelings at least.

That's why 98% of the time, men try to "soften" the impact of their breakups by telling us little lies to try and skip around the real reason...

But the good news is that, there is a way to make sure you find out what the ACTUAL reason for the break up is, so that you're going to be able to not only get back your partner, but make sure you KEEP him!

There's a fantastic free video presentation on the internet at the moment that shows you exactly what you need to do in order to "re-attract" your man...get him to feel PASSIONATE about you again (the way he treated you when you first met)...and want to give it "another try" with you.

(And he'll even think getting back together is 100% his idea...)

Watch this quick presentation, because it reveals a simple step-by-step method you can use to "magnetically" pull your ex back towards you, and make him ask YOU for "one more chance":

You'll also learn the 3 things you need to do in order to get him back - even if he's dating other women.

I do need to warn you, this video might be pulled offline tomorrow -- so give it a quick look now, and you can thank me later 🙂


Watch it while you can



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