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Bonus #1: 'Subconscious Sexual Magnetism'

Ever wondered how some women just seem sexy, without even trying? Or why a woman who doesn’t seem particularly beautiful, can land any man she wants - at will?

The truth is, they have mastered Subconscious Sexual Magnetism - the simple science of generating red-hot sexiness from the inside out.

These short audio trainings flip a switch inside you, creating a stronger, more confident woman who goes out and gets what she wants.

Subconscious Sexual Magnetism is an immensely powerful set of brain-training audios that work directly on your subconscious mind so that you radiate more beauty, power and confidence without even having to think about it.

Bonus #2: 'No More Cheating' Report & Audio

If your man has ever cheated on you, you've felt that pain and betrayal right in the pit of your stomach.

This is why Samantha and I need to make sure you hear this groundbreaking interview which virtually guarantees that he'll never "play around" behind your back.

Renowned dating experts Dean Cortez & Scott McKay discuss the many reasons why men stray, even when they’re in a wonderful relationship, and how a few simple strategies can counter their "caveman instincts" and keep them 100% loyal to you.

Bonus #3: 'His Only Obsession' Report & Audio

Obsession Secrets Revealed: You'll be the ONLY thing on his mind from morning to night, the star of his dreams, the focus of his every waking thought.

Never worry about his wandering eye again... as he'll only have eyes for YOU. In this program, America's #1 mens dating coach extracts some of relationship expert Amy Waterman's most powerful obsession-creating secrets.

And Here's The Extra Bonus Programs You've Unlocked On This Page:

Extra Bonus #4: "Devotion On Demand" Video Course

This full video coaching course reveals the hottest secrets for creating true devotion and obsession in your man, even if your relationship is on rocky ground. 

You're about to discover secrets & revelations about men, and the male mind, that may shock you. But once you know how to use this knowledge, he'll become addicted to pleasing you. Making you happy will be his greatest "guilty pleasure."  

Extra Bonus #5: Unlock His Heart

Are you frustrated when your man closes himself up like a clam, and no amount of love or patience will pry him open?

Samantha Sanderson designed this special report to open up your man and bring honesty and open communication to your relationship.

This bonus includes a step-by-step guide to cracking open his defenses and finally connecting with his true feelings. This is the key to creating an unbreakable bond with your man that very few couples will ever have. 

Extra Bonus #6: Cupid’s Commitment Commandments

Previously reserved only for Samantha's private consulting clients: This special report describes her proven 7-step process for getting a man to commit himself to you...heart, mind, body and soul.

Until now, only Samantha's private clients have seen this report, due to its sensitive and controversial content. And she's only releasing this report to you on the condition that you do not share it with your man.

Extra Bonus #7: Your Fairytale Love Story

If you've ever had a warm, loving relationship slowly go cold, you could have easily restored the romance and passion with the tips in this handy guide.

This is how Samantha helps her clients "rewind their relationships" back to the honeymoon phase. Use these secrets to make him see you as his greatest prize, which he must guard and treasure. 

Extra Bonus #8: Everlasting Love Fundamentals

Samantha also refers to this final bonus book of hers as "The Bible Of Long Term Happiness."

You'll learn the 9 things that every romantic relationship MUST have to be healthy. (#6 is sure to surprise you!)

And if you've been unlucky enough to attract a few toxic relationships, this book will end that trend forever.

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Emotional Trigger Phrases

Discover how to use words that activate different feelings & desires in every man's subconscious mind. Make him miss you. Desire you. Show you more affection. Or tell you the 100% honest truth...about anything.  

The Commitment Amplifier

Ever worried about his wandering eye? Use this simple phrase to instantly trigger his mind to double down on his commitment to your relationship. (He'll realize losing you would be the greatest mistake of his life!)

Cupid's 5 Commandments

These simple rules help you communicate with men in a way that creates "The Obsession Effect." This is when a man will do everything in his power to make you feel happy and appreciated. If you've ever felt neglected, these Commandments will make YOU his #1 priority, and he'll prove it to you every day. 

Invisible Jealousy Daggers

This is another secret word combination that has the power to implant feelings in your man's mind that work on his natural competitive instincts... making him fiercely protective of you and wanting to jealousy guard you from other men. 

Conversation Magic

Imagine always knowing the perfect words to say to make yourself charming, witty and irresistible to men. Whether you're on a date, or enjoying "alone time" with your partner, use these tools to make your conversations come alive and spark a deeper connection. 

Man Transformation

Every man has habits we want to change (for his sake, and ours). But you know how resistant men can be. That's why we've included words you can use to make him want these changes for himself...and even better, he'll think it's his idea! 

Full Video Coaching Course

You'll even get the full video version of Instant Obsession Words, explaining every phrase and technique, so you can watch the lessons on your computer or mobile device.

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Hear what students have to say about

Instant Obsession Words...

Kim L., 33

New York City

“Even after four years together, my boyfriend Mike and I still had frequent 'communication breakdowns.' I'm the kind of person who likes to talk and openly share my feelings, while he prefers to keep his emotions bottled up. But once I started using the simple communication strategies in your program, it was like the walls came down and Mike was able to open up to me, and share things with me, like never before. It saved our relationship and made us feel connected in a much deeper, more meaningful way.”

Tracy N., 45

Sydney, Australia

Instant Obsession Words is filled with brilliantly clever tips and techniques you can use to control a man's thoughts and emotions with your words. You can get him to reveal secrets...open up and share his innermost feelings and desires with you...or just make him feel a deeper bond with you, because he'll feel connected to you in a way he's never felt with anyone else. Powerful stuff & highly recommended." 

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