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Or Sandy M. from Austin, Texas. She'd been involved in an "on again, off again" relationship with a handsome fireman named John.

Although they had an amazing sexual connection, John was a guy with a LOT of female admirers. He told Sandy that honestly, he just wasn't looking to "settle down" with one woman...

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Extra Bonus #1: Manifesting Passion Full Video Course

Controversial: Some say these 'mind control' videos are too powerful to be released to the public - so this is the only place you'll find them.

Imagine having 6 punchy videos, with transcript guides, training your subconscious mind to manifest the red-hot passionate relationship you deserve.

Extra Bonus #2: Bad Girl Bootcamp

Fed up with always being the 'nice girl' while that bitch Brittany treats her man like crap yet he still waits on her hand and foot?

This counter-intuitive book helps you turn the tables and see your man working extra hard to please you, give you the clear upper hand and STILL love you more than ever before.

Extra Bonus #3: 101 Romantic Ideas Checklist

Another boring 'date night' left you wondering what else is there? Use this complete checklist to NEVER be stuck for a romantic idea again.

These tips will transform your relationship fast, without breaking the bank OR working all day on something.

Extra Bonus #4: Affection Roadblocks

Have you ever had an 'intimate evening' fizzle out to an early night? Or ended a date with a quick hug, when you were both dying to lock lips?

This insightful book reveals the 3 major 'roadblocks' we have that puts your passion on ice, and how to get around them for a red-hot, freewheeling relationship.

Extra Bonus #5: Honeymoon Time Machine

Think back to your wedding night - or think forward to the night you dream of - this book contains your plan to revive those hot, steamy feelings you had as newlyweds - any time you feel like it.

This works to freshen up the love in ANY relationship, no matter what stage you're at, or what's happened up to now.

Extra Bonus #6: The Art Of Self Confidence

We're about to get you HOOKED - on the powerful feeling of Supreme Confidence and the art of Getting Your Own Way instead of coming 2nd all the time.

This book teaches you simple strategies to master Self Confidence and have your man catering to your every whim... and loving it!

Extra Bonus #7: How To Bust A Cheating Lover

Revealed: Accelerated shortcuts to busting a cheating lover red-handed - 'Mr X: Private Investigator' opens is private files for you.

Even if you are sure he's been faithful - you NEED to educate yourself on the subtle tell-tale signs that could save you from years of agonizing heartbreak.

Imagine how much other women would pay for these life-changing secrets. 

What price would you put on automatic brain-training for your man, to make him emotionally and sexually committed to you...and ONLY you?

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What about leveling up your confidence like never before? One of the bonuses covers this, too... 

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Cuddle Hormone Activator

Imagine flipping a switch in the “romance center” of his brain so that he instantly wants to hold you close, feel the warmth of your body against his, and never, ever let you go.

The Truth Serum Sequence

Having this super powerful tool at your disposal means you'll never have to plead with him to be truthful. Instead, you'll crawl inside his mind and get him to reveal any secret. Some men have complained that it's "unfair, like mind control!" but we say, you deserve to know what's really going on inside his mind and heart. 

Erotic Obsession Switch

Want to spice things up, or relive the days when the two of you couldn't keep your hands off each other? Learn how to flip his “Erotic Obsession Switch,” so that anytime you want, you can ignite white-hot feelings of lust, desire and passion deep within him.

Honeymoon Visualizations

Why should the "honeymoon phase" of a relationship have to end? We know it's hard to maintain the sparks of passion as the years go by, so here's a special technique that re-ignites his desire for you at any time, using only the power of your words.

The Teenage Crush Trigger

Remember that overpowering rush of excitement and tingling nerves when the “cute” boy you had your eye on paid attention to you? This technique makes your man treat you like that teenage crush all over again.

The 4 Love Triggers

Did you know there are FOUR specific Love Triggers, and when you activate each one in a man, he becomes totally devoted and dedicated to you? This knowledge alone is worth the price of an entire program. 

The Science Of Love

This eye-opening section exposes the proven science behind the way a man's brain works when he's feeling attraction, falling in love, and trying to work out his feelings for you. Knowing this allows you to "emotionally guide" him towards the result you want. 

The Full Audio Course

Free valuable bonus: Now you can listen to the Audio Course version of 'Make Him Forever Faithful' in the car, at work, or while you're doing almost anything else. You'll love listening to this course over and over again, discovering new secrets each time. 

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Here's What Another Wildly Satisfied 

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Michelle M., 40

Los Angeles, California

“I was tired of wasting my time and emotions with men who were scared to commit and go to the next step. When I started seeing Jonathan, I knew we had an incredible chemistry...but he'd tell me he wasn't ready for anything 'serious,' and was reluctant to give up his bachelor life. This program showed me a few simple steps that I used to change the way Jonathan viewed me and our future together.  Within 30 days he asked me to move in with him. Last week, he asked me to marry him and now we're planning the wedding. The changes in him have been nothing short of amazing. I couldn't ask for a more devoted, loving man."   

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