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7 Lessons I Learned About Men After My Heart Was Torn Out

Hi,  my name is Tammy, and I have a question to ask you:

Why does it seem like men have such a hard time committing to a relationship, and STAYING committed?

I discovered 7 hidden secrets about men that I’m going to share with you on this page.

These secrets, which are based on “loopholes” in the male mind that researchers have discovered, are the KEYS to making a man suddenly feel that YOU are the best thing that ever happened to him.

You will force his brain to realize that he’d be crazy NOT to stand by you, and you will make him make him swear to you from the bottom of his heart to love you forever…

This exclusive video by dating expert Samantha Sanderson (click here to watch it) exposes a strange “loophole” in the male brain that you can “trigger” to make him commit to you NOW.

But first, let me tell you a quick story about how my heart was torn out by the man I was desperately in love with…

...and how I then discovered a way to use these secrets to make ANY man literally become “addicted” to me. (YOU can use these secrets, too…just click the image above…)

The Truth Behind My Painful, Devastating Heartbreak

I have to say, I was never lucky in love. In my younger years, I had several relationships that ended in heartache, tears and overwhelming disappointment.

There was Eric, the handsome “player” who swore to me that he was ready for a serious relationship…

...until one night, I showed up at his house unexpectedly to surprise him with a gift on our one-year anniversary as a couple. And I caught him in bed with another woman.

There was Anthony, a sensitive, intelligent college professor, who my whole family loved. The problem was, he still couldn’t get over his ex-girlfriend (who was the mother of his young son).

I was okay with him remaining friends with his ex, for the sake of his child, but then he started spending TOO much time with his ex. He would disappear for entire weekends, and I knew that he was with her…

Then one Monday morning, as I sat down in my cubicle to begin my work day, I checked my email and saw that Anthony had sent me a message…

...to inform me that he was getting back together with his ex but he “wished me the best.”

(Dumped over email? I feel humiliated just typing those words…)

And then there was Justin, the businessman, who I met through an internet dating site. On our first date, the chemistry was incredible.

I’d never felt such an instant connection with a guy. Our second and third dates were even better.

Then one night, after sharing a bottle of wine at a great seafood restaurant and talking a walk along the beach, he “confessed” to me that he was sure I was the woman he wanted to marry.

And then…

He stopped calling me. Stopped emailing me. He even un-friended me on Facebook. And I had no idea why…

Until I ran into one of his friends a few months later. He told me that Justin had skipped town because the FBI was looking to question about him about some “shady business dealings.”

(Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I also found out that he had been MARRIED the whole time we were dating! What a CREEP…)

But then, I met Michael. He was charming, funny and CUTE. He had a great career he was passionate about.

And most importantly, (it seemed like) he adored and respected me. I finally thought that I’d met “the one.”

The problem was, even after six months of dating, Michael never wanted to talk about our future together.

I was staying over at his apartment four or five nights a week, which was inconvenient for me because I had to be up early every morning to drive to my job, which was on the other side of town (and close to my own apartment.)

He almost never stayed over at my place, because he claimed he could only get a good night’s sleep in his own bed.

When I tried to gently suggest that maybe I could move in with him — and we could share the rent — he would complain about me “pressuring him,” and change the subject.

Meanwhile, most of my friends were already married and had children.

My few remaining friends who weren’t married were in serious relationships and making plans to get married and start families.

I was acutely aware of the fact that I wasn’t getting any younger…

I was willing to give Michael time. Back then, I didn’t realize there is actually a simple method you can use right now to make a man commit.

So I played it cool, and just tried to be the best girlfriend I could be…

But the “spark” in our relationship was fading. I could tell, Michael was losing interest. He used to always answer my phone calls and texts.

Now, it was taking him hours (or even a whole day) to get back to me, even to simply reply to me with a text message.

On several occasions, he cancelled plans with me at the last minute.

I had to practically force him to meet up with me to “talk” about what was going on…

And that’s when he told me that he “just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and was against getting married and raising kids.”

He had tears in his eyes when he told me how sorry he was. (He should have won an Academy Award for that performance…)

Because five months after our breakup, I looked at his Facebook page…and saw that he was ENGAGED to some other woman.

A single mother who already had two young kids.

And That’s When I Met The Woman Who Changed My Life (And My Luck With Men…)

By that point in my life, I was angry towards men in general. I was sick and tired of playing their mind games and putting up with their “fear” of commitment.

I knew that when I was in a relationship, I truly gave it my all…but time and time again, my heart got trampled on.

Then I met Samantha Sanderson.

Samantha is a highly-respected relationship coach for women, and the author of several very popular books and programs that help us gals to catch and keep the men we deserve.

Samantha told me, it’s not enough to make a man “like” you. It’s not even enough to make a man love you.

If you want a serious, committed and PASSIONATE relationship with the man of your dreams, you must get him ADDICTED to you!

So that he puts your needs ABOVE his own needs…

So that he constantly thinks of you when you are not with him…

So that he REJECTS advances and sexual offers from other women, because he never wants to betray your trust…

And so that he TREASURES you and will do whatever it takes not to keep you by his side…and NEVER lose you.

Editor’s Note: Samantha Sanderson’s New Course "Rewind Your Romance" reveals how to use (sometimes controversial) male psychology techniques to instantly get any man addicted to you, even if he's already left.

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OK, so if you want to know how to make ANY man feel this way about you, I want you to read this next part VERY carefully…

7 "Magic Triggers" That Force A Man To

Obsess About You... And Only You

1. You do it by being by his confidant.

You must be the one person he can knows he can share his innermost hopes, dreams and fears with. 

Show him that you are genuinely interested in his feelings, and how he sees the world.

The more you can get him to open up and share with you, the more emotionally invested he will feel.

2. You do it by being his #1 fan.

One of the most powerful ways to make a man feel bonded to you is to be his greatest champion and supporter.

Does he have a particular talent? Show interest in it and tell him how impressed you are.

If he has a goal, encourage him to achieve it, even if his friends call him crazy for it. Make him feel that you believe in him like no other.

3. You do it by being the best sex partner he’s ever had.

This isn’t about having the most acrobatic moves, or dragging him into the bedroom five times a day.

It’s about making him feel that he is the one man who can satisfy you like no other.

When he feels that he has the power to fully satisfy you, his masculine ego will rejoice when he’s with you and he will literally become addicted to you.

4. You do it by praising him when he shows his masculine side and paying him compliments.

This could be as as simple as him moving a heavy piece of furniture, or fixing your car or computer.

A man loves to know that the woman in his life recognizes and appreciates him for being a man, and handling the things in their partnership that she needs help with.

You can also do it by telling him that how safe you feel with him.

Snuggling up against his chest while you’re cuddling is a great way to make him feel like he’s your “protector,” which is a big rush for his masculine ego.

Paying your man compliments, too. Guys are suckers for compliments. They’re more insecure than women realize!

The male ego is hungry for validation, and the more he feels wanted and appreciated by you, the better he will feel when he is around you.

And the more he will miss you when you’re NOT around. So don’t be shy about telling him that he looks great in that pair of jeans, or caress his stomach and tell him his exercise routine or diet has been paying off.

5. You do it by 

6. You do it by 

7. This is the big one: You do it with something called the Negative Emotion Neutralizer. 

Probably THE most powerful tool Samantha ever taught me. The kind of thing that virtually guarantees men will walk barefoot over broken glass just to be by your side.

This technique opens a loophole in his brain, turning any negative feelings towards you into positive feelings.

But Samantha has designed it with powerful psychological triggers...

Like the "jealousy trigger," which acts on a man’s mind like the flick of a light switch...

Forcing him to want you…and ONLY YOU.

See, one of the biggest problems we have is wrong information. I used to rely on family & friends for relationship help - and all that got me was a string of failed relationships (I can even see now why Brittany Worthington was able to steal my high school boyfriend so easily...)

But since I discovered The Negative Emotion Neutralizer, I've never looked back. Samantha taught me this secret of male psychology that nobody had ever shared with me before.

And now you can learn this secret too - all you do is watch the video below and allow Samantha to literally Rewind Your Romance:


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